Smart Reporting GmbH


How to brand a digital health start-up

The beginning

Smart Reporting is a health startup that focuses on structured reporting.

Their mission: They want to build an IDE for physicians. In 2017 we started an ongoing journey to develop a visual language for Smart Reporting.

During the competitor analysis, it became evident that healthcare companies never dare to be outstanding with their visual language. Either they are playful or severe but always on the ground.

With Smart Reporting, we wanted to have a bold branding and a color theme that breaks with the usual.

What if Smart Reporting was a product?

Defining the brand

After the research phase, it was pretty obvious what brand we wanted to build — a premium brand.

Simple & Bold.


Since we started to refine the brand, Smart Reporting gradually got more sight.

They were able to close contracts with leading radiology vendors and hospitals around the globe. They raised more than 20—Mio € and grey the team to more than 65 FTEs.

Next project

A medical product for structured and systematic diagnosis