Smart Reporting GmbH


A medical product for structured and systematic diagnosis

The beginning

When the new product development was kicked-off, Smart Reporting's current product still was an academic solution.

So the first question that arose was how a product for radiologists would look like that emphasizes the critical metrics of a doctor's daily routine:

Fastness & Completeness.

Research & Interviews

During the research phase, it became evident that the current solution was very cluttered and did not adapt well to a radiologist's workflow.

The current product forced every radiologist into a template's click path, which doesn't feel natural because radiologists always start reporting on a blank page.


The first attempt that we made was to modernize the UI.

The first attempt that we made was to modernize the UI. We took a closer look at the information architecture and established a hierarchy amongst the components. We felt pretty awesome.

But during the testing of our prototypes, it became clear that we missed the target. Still, the users complained about the general approach towards the reporting experience.

A new beginning

After the user testings of our first prototypes it was pretty obvious to start from scratch. Therefore we did several workshops with radiologists onsite. Our mission was to understand how they envisioned a reporting tool. We went from the general approach and ergonomics of the tool, down to even the formatting of headlines and sections.

Start on a blank page

We wanted to adapt to a radiologist's workflow. Suppose we like it or not. Their first goal is not to write the perfect standardized report. Their goal is to get stuff done as fast as possible.

During the next testing phases, we saw a much higher acceptance of our editor. Because we moved all the tree-structures into the background, the structure was only there when needed.

Building for production

While always pushing the boundaries of the reporting experience, we are pulling our validated concepts and components into a company wide design system.


Since we started to re-design the product, Smart Reporting became a serious radiology provider.

They landed huge deals to integrated their new product into RIS and PACS systems.

Next project

A holistic and streamlined offer creation process