Rethinking in-car UX. Merging between the real and the virtual.

What if a screen could expand the interior of a car?

What if it could display the information where needed?

Changing a car's inside UX!

The current driving experience

In the morning you leave home, the sun has yet to rise, the mist is hugging the streets and dew still covers the yards. In the evening the sun dances as it sets and you are welcomed home by a warm orange lit sky. While you've been traveling you've passed so many different places and experienced different weather situations. Each of these impressions bringing its own mood in to the world.

Driving a car inherently means that your surroundings will constantly be changing.

One thing however, that did not change throughout your drive was the display that you have been looking at for hours. Cold, dark and technical. It may be futuristic looking but not very human.

How cool would it be, having a display that changes with its environment? Translating the mood set by external surroundings into the car and expanding the driver's perspective significantly.

Concept, Wireframe & Screen arrangement

Having three 8k OLED displays in place showing the environment surrounding the car by filming it. These displays create an experience as if you would look through your windshield, removing completely the blind spot caused by your dashboard, creating a never before experiences sense of space.

Use case parking

The whole process was a mess before we launched the app.

By integrating this concept, parking would be much more ergonomic. Displaying an augmented reality form the car's surroundings, a driver could have a realistic view from the parking scenario inside his dashboard.

Using the parallax concept from the Mission e, a driver could change the view perspective by moving their head.

Next project

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